3 IN 1 BABY HIGH CHAIR WITH SAFETY AS A PRIORITY : The SUNBABY High chair for babies & toddlers is a 3 in 1 high chair which can be used as a proper baby high chair or as Normal chair/table for the baby or even as a Booster seat along with the Dining table . It is a very safe feeding Chair . The safety harness/ belt provides essential safety for the baby , Cushion provides Comfort and the footrest gives support to your baby's legs. The Basket below helps to keep all baby toys/essentials in it.

HEIGHT ADJUSTABLE: The height of the baby High Chairs can be adjusted up or down according to the comfort level of the mother and the child , with the height adjuster option available. The Height can be lowered and can be used as kids table and chair set at a Normal Height.

BOOSTER SEAT ALONG THE DINNING TABLE: The Kids Sitting Chair of the High chair can be separated from the main frame and used along with the Dining table as a Booster Seat. When the booster seat is kept on the Dining Chair , it helps to increase the height of the baby to the level of the Main Table.

REMOVABLE FOODGRADE TRAY FOR NORMAL USAGE OF THE CHAIR: The Plastic used in tray is Foodgrade and is easily removable & washable. Once the Tray is removed, it can be used as kids chairs/ toddler chairs

ENCOURAGES SOCIAL SKILLS & FAMILY TIME: The SUNBABY High Chairs for babies and toddlers helps the mother to feed the baby with comfort. The kid High chair /Booster seat can be placed along the dining table so that the child develops social skills while learning to eat along with the family members 

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Baby High Chair Adjustable With Feeding Tray

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