Mercedes Benz Genuine Motor Oil 5W-30 MB 229.52 is a synthetic multi-grade oil and the optimal lubricant for a Mercedes-Benz engine. Specially developed for BlueTEC Diesel engines with SCR. It is also suitable for every Mercedes diesel engines with DPF and some petrol engines, for an approved lubricant MB 229.51 / 229.31 is required.


Highest oxidation stability.

High thermal stability and resistance at high temperatures.

Fuel economy.

Extended service life of SCRs and DPFs using LOW SAPS * formulation.

For extended oil change intervals (longlife)

Supports engine cleanliness.

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Mercedes 5W-30 Motor Oil MB 229.52 1L

  • Product Code: Mercedes Oil MB 229.52
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  • Tsh 60,000

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